Android Native Apps

Android Native Apps

These are the apps that can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play Store. At Young Innovators we develop for android and ios native apps. This apps can use all features available to the device. e.g. GPS or Location service, Cameras and Photo, Calendar and even phone and SMS.

It’s opens a new world for business. You need a this  app if you want to target smartphone users for your business, and you want user to diretly interact with your online or offline services via mobile.

The advantages of implementing native apps product ideas are increased flexibility and future-oriented development. We use development standards independent from B2B platforms, developers and expensive licensing models. Initial investments pay off in flexibility, minimal follow-up costs and the possibility to create synergies during development and lower costs. Once things are up and running, you’ll be thankful for the ability to continuously and flexibly adapt to changes in the mobile market.

Characteristics of Native Apps

android native apps